An Eagle Does Not Catch Flies

Róbert Alföldi. Source: facebook

by Katalin L. Horváth/

translation: Sophie Mészáros

April 29th Róbert Alföldi will be the next guest of the series ’My Love Tel-Aviv’. The Israeli Philosophy Society invited him to join a discussion session held at the Drory Israeli-Hungarian Library. This is a long-awaited desire of hungarians living in Israel. We asked Róbert Alföldi regarding this matter in a rapid interview.

Are you often invited to such discussions by foreign civil societies?

R.A. Not at all, in fact, I do not recall having ever been invited.

What does your RSVP depend on?

R.A. It is rather challenging to think of a concrete response. A major factor is time and availability. But overall, I listen to my instincts. The event, the people, the organisers, but I feel there are such requests -like this one- when it’s evident that I will say yes.

Do you have any connection to Israel?

R.A. I have been there many times- mainly thanks to the Israeli cultural ministry – and I really love the country, the raving of the past, and life’s incredible presence. Many of my friends, acquaintances live there. I like being there.

What kind of feelings do you have regarding the meeting at Drory?

R.A. I am excited, curious, and I am very interested in learning what my, and our image is over there.

Following the event at Zalaegerszeg aren’t you afraid that your visit to Tel Aviv will turn you into person non grata, or label you as a Zionist traitor?

R.A. I am not dealing with these like this, also, I think I have had everything happen to me already.

R.A. What is your strategy to handle these situations?

Normality and elegance. You know, an eagle does not catch flies.

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